electric motor rewindAll Electric Motor Rewinds carried out at both our Grantham and Peterborough repair facilities use the highest quality Winding materials, these include Nomex/Polyester insulations, Zyrad high temperature exit leads and Polyamide-imide copper winding wire.

All our Motor Rewinds have cuffed slot liner insulation to give maximum slot strength against the core iron, they are also fitted with Phase separators to help protect against Phase to Phase conditions. A packing wedge is fitted into the Stator Slot to finish.

Our Motor Rewinds are then impregnated using Class H Polyester Resin.

Motors up to and including 22Kw are wherever possible impregnated on our trickle impregnation systems.

Motors above 22kw are impregnated using our Dip and Bake process and benefit from double impregnation.

All our Motor Rewinds are produced to replicate or exceed the specification, dimensions and quality of the original manufacturers winding.

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